Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Night

Bill was having a "star party" at work (telescopes, cameras and astronomy related things) showing off some new programs they've been working on. So, since he won't be home until after midnight I thought the kids and I would have some fun of our own. We had pizza and movie night. We watched Sleeping Beauty, and from the blank stares on their faces, it was a big hit!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


-Pictures of these cuties I took today make me smile. I see a resemblance, yet they're so unique.

-Glad that we have two more wacky Wednesdays (Abbie's theology class, violin, and usually errands of some sort)

-I'm looking forward to some summer projects. I won't mention them all. That way I won't feel like a loser when I read this in the fall and realize I didn't do any of them. I am planning to paint our kitchen cabinets though.

-Super excited that Carly comes home in two days!! This will be our last carefree summer before she becomes a married woman. We have already planned lots of "Target Tuesdays" and Starbucks trips!

-We've celebrated lots of milestones lately...birthdays, first communions, mothers day. I have felt very full of gratitude!