Friday, November 6, 2009

Get your Hanna Dresses Now!

Moms of girls!!! Hanna Andersson is having a sale and most of the dresses (specifically the playdresses) are on sale! These are the softest, most comfortable, long-lasting dresses made of cotton that has been tested for lots of different chemicals. They were $25 a few weeks ago and I got a few. I also have some from ebay that are still in great condition, they will last a long time so they can be passed down, so it's totally worth the price! The girls have quite a few matching ones and with leggings it's a cozy, cute outfit!
(I got the girls christmas dresses for there also, they have lots of really cute christmas outfits on sale still!)

Perfect Timing

How do grandmas know just what you need?? Jameson is running a fairly high fever today and complaining of a headache, so pretty early this morning I realized we would not be able to do the fun activity we were planning, but instead would be camped out on the couch in jammies. I got a call from my grandma that she had some things to drop off for the kids, and it couldn't have been better timing. New books for everyone, just what we needed for a day spent on the couch. Yummy apples from Oak Glen (did she know we just ran out of apples??). Jello, perfect for the boy that doesn't feel well. Not even 11am, and we have read a few chapters and enjoyed the apples. I feel so blessed by her today! It's going to be an ok day afterall.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The televisionless kids

This is what happens when kids don't watch t.v. They imagine, create, play and explore. It's been a year or so since they have watched television shows, but we did allow certain movies every once in a while, it's been about a month since they have seen tv or movies and I can't imagine ever letting them watch anything again. I am really proud of breaking our tv ways, and wondering if I will see a difference in Adeleine since she will basically grow up without/very little tv watching.