Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Eleanor Jane

Eleanor turned one. It seems like she has been one for a while, due to her walking for the past two months and definitely not acting like they others at this age. She absolutely picks up on their behaviors! While I wish I had planned a super fun day for her, our usual Wednesday activities stole her day. It's a good thing she won't remember! My labor with her was really rough, and it is still difficult to look back and reflect, since it was really hard on me physically and mentally. I had 26 hours of labor, and I'm sure Bill was sick of me asking when it was going to be over. Indeed, it was eventually over at 9:05pm on January 5, 2010. Eleanor Jane was born into the water in our room and I was so relieved it was over. By now I had realized how fleeting those first few moments and days were.. Our amazing midwife has tucked us in bed and we went to sleep as a family of 6. It seems fitting that on the night celebrating her birth one year ago, I woke to find all 6 of us in that same bed again. Words just cannot express how I feel about Miss Nora. She feels like the soul of this family right now. The other kids truly love her, and I think they just know how special she is. Watching them interact and help her has made me realize that one of our greatest gifts is siblings. I am so thankful for your joy and life Eleanor, I can't wait to watch you grow this year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dish Hill

We had some good friends over, who have 5 kids under the age of 7. Add them to our 4, and it makes 9 kids age 7 and under. (In my little house I might add.) It was refreshing to spend time with a fellow homeschooling, Catholic mom who truly understands the joys and sacrifices of this calling. There was lots of food, fun and toys strewn all. over. my. very. little. house. Bill was super helpful tonight and climbed dish hill and conquered while I put all the toys back in their homes. I will be thanking God tonight for good friends, and a helpful husband.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome Thomas

Thomas popped the question and Carly said "Yes." I am so happy for them! He went to breakfast with my Dad this morning, while we were having a girls shopping day. After receiving my dad's blessing, I knew he would do it right away, that ring was burning a hole in his pocket. I am so excited for them to be starting this chapter of their lives together. He is a great guy who loves her to pieces. May God grant them many years of marital bliss.