Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The televisionless kids

This is what happens when kids don't watch t.v. They imagine, create, play and explore. It's been a year or so since they have watched television shows, but we did allow certain movies every once in a while, it's been about a month since they have seen tv or movies and I can't imagine ever letting them watch anything again. I am really proud of breaking our tv ways, and wondering if I will see a difference in Adeleine since she will basically grow up without/very little tv watching.


Lauren S. said...

We had a tv-free day today. The house was a M-E-S-S. But it was fine. I still like to put on a tv show when I take a shower so I don't have to jump out of it shivering, dripping all over the floor,and in my birthday suit to break up a brother & sister squabble. How do you work that out? Maybe I'll challenge myself again.

Therese said...

That is awesome J! You are doing a great job! I do find that less tv means toys allllloverrrr the house.
Do you have rules about how they are to play with their toys?

JennyLynn said...

Lauren, I only shower at night now. It was hard to get used to, I LOVED my morning shower, but it just wasn't working well at all!
Therese, we do end up with more toys all over, but I have been pretty consistent with making them clean everything up before dinnertime/bedtime and they have been good about it. They are mostly outside though, so not really a mess to clean up there which is nice!

The Seaman's said...

I was blog-browsing and ran into your blog and I will have to agree that less TV is better for the kids. Yes, we have toys all over the house and books but I'd much rather have them use their imagination than become couch potatoes.

God Bless,

Sandra Seaman