Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, I hadn't really wanted this to be a "homeschooling" blog, but just more a journal of thoughts and days, but we had so much fun and I am so excited about our new "nature study" that I had to share. I like the idea of very relaxed unit studies. Since the kids love nature and I wanted to do more than just "sit at the table learning" for nature, I decided that each month will have a theme and we will learn as much as we can all about our nature theme. This month we started a few days late, but I chose apples as out theme. We took a trip to the library last week and got books about apples and Johnny Appleseed (which Jameson thinks is a hilarious name and starts calling everyone "mommy appleseed", "Ada appleseed", etc) and put them in their seasonal reading basket.
We went to the store and bought all the different varieties we could find, and as I washed and sliced them, we talked about their names and how they looked, felt, etc. They thought that granny smith was a pretty funny name! (I am noticing a theme...a 2.5 year old things everything is funny!)

We let them boil, added cinnamon, organic sugar, and nutmeg and our applesauce is so yummy! I left the skin on and I like it so much better that way. We are planning a trip to Oak Glen to go apple picking next weekend, so that should finish up our study this month. I don't know if I should do leaves, or acorns next?? Any ideas??


Jamie said...

What a fantastic idea! I'm a big fan of stealing other people's ideas so don't fret if you see an Apple post (or something like it) in a month or two ;) BTW, Jason and I (and the kids of course) are going to Oak Glen as well. Well, he doesn't know yet...but I guess I should bring it up tonight at dinner.

Lauren S. said...

So fun! The applesauce looks so colorful and pretty. Great ideas!

Therese said...

Do you think it will be too late next week to do something apple-ish with the group?

(And yes I changed my blog again!)

Sonja said...

Look how clean your stove is! ;)