Thursday, December 11, 2008


Wow, I go months without a post and this is #3 for today! Just more of the kids and the lovely gingerbread house that we did with Lauren and her kiddos. It was fun but tasted like cardboard....what do you expect from a kit that was probably made months ago. We got blue potatoes from our co-op and mashed them and they made a great shade of purple. Jameson liked them, but Abbie said she didn't like them, but would like them better if they were pink. She is such a girl.

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Therese said...

Great blog! I just love that 2nd picture with Abbie's hair braided in the red scarf and both of them with sticks- SO cute!
And OMGosh look at Ada! She's got hair!! have you been giving her baby rogaine? ha ha just kidding- she is so beautiful!
Crazy potatoes!