Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

We all lived through the days of "mixed tapes". Bill is still fond of making them, only in 2009 they are in CD form. We stumbled upon a "mixed cd" entitled Rap 1 made by Bill in approximately 2005. (I guess there was a Rap 2 in the works maybe?) Bill popped it into the cd player and I was instantly taken back to junior high. Songs such as Kris Kross-Jump, Paperboy-Ditty, House of Pain-Jump Around, Snow-Informer and Vanilla Ice-Ice Ice Baby. I suppose that since ice ice baby was one of the only songs that the kids could understand, it became an instant favorite. Now when we get into the car, before the buckles are even buckled, I have two requests for ice ice baby. They have no idea what the song is about, but their favorite part is the "boyyyyyyy" at the end of "yo vanilla, kick it one time boyyyyyy". Who know..maybe their generation can bring him back.


Kimberly said...

Way to rock out to Vanilla Ice! Your kids, obviously, have very sophisticated taste in music! : ) I hope to see a top 40 countdown video by them someday to rival the one you and my sister made! That was epic!

Lauren S. said...

I thought we were cool rocking out in our van to an 80's CD (Hannah recently said that "This Much is True" is her favorite song)- but you win! Way cool.