Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I love IKEA

I really, really love Ikea, and do my best to fill my house with their goodness. I look forward to the whole experience from the underground parking lot, to the golf pencils and marketplace. I read the catalog at least weekly looking for something that I didn't see the last time I looked at it. Bill cannot stand the store. There are always lots of people (which creep him out) and I make him walk around the showrooms everytime we go, even if we need nothing up there. I am constantly changing what style of rooms I want, and whenever this little house stats to get to me, I know that one thing will help...a trip to Ikea. A few new pillows, curtains, or a vase will help me love my house again for a few $. I decided to count some of the things purchased at Ikea in my house. Keep in mind that I didn't open any cabinets or drawers, this is what I could see just walking into a room. My Ikea count was 124. That is a lot for my modest 1250 square foot home. I love thee Ikea and I hope my love continues to grow.


Kimberly said...

I second that love for IKEA! I, however, do not live near enough to one to fill my house with their goodness. The items I do have from IKEA are pretty fantastic, though!

Yara said...

I love Ikea. However, the underground parking lot at the one 'near' us well, creeps out this claustrophobic friend of yours. But, Ikea is awesome. We should go with our 6 kids : )

Therese said...

I love your Ikea-filled home. Its a beautiful home! I need to get some of the Ikea goodness myself... but I moved too far away! Maybe on the next trip down!