Thursday, August 28, 2008


Good but long. There were no naps by the bigs, so the energy level in our house was very high! We went to the park with a friend in the afternoon, and then to Grannie Fae's for dinner. The park was great! Neato play equipment and sand area. There was also a nature center that had real live deer, owls, tortoises and a racoon. The kids were wet and sandy, so it was great for them and I got some much needed time with a great friend. Dinner at the in-laws was good, and I didn't eat too much so I was proud of myself. I was down 4 lbs this morning to 150lbs. So I was stoaked....all my hard work is starting to pay off! Hopefully today I can tackle the laundry situation and get back on track and sew Abbie's doll sling...she has been waiting so patiently!

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