Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It is starting early

The mud play that is. It seems that our 80 degree weather in January has tricked them into thinking it's June. I love the ideas of kids digging, smearing and wallowing in the cool mud on a hot summer day, but in reality it is my own personal hell. The dirty laundry that it creates means a daily rinsing, soaking and washing or their clothes and my rugs. They come into the house stand on the rug, wipe their feet and leave huge skid marks behind them. Shortly after I wash hands, arms, legs, feet, faces and dress them in clean clothes, they go out and do it again. This happens everyday, several times per day x 2 kids. It just happened today....I won't tell them to stop playing in it, but I must control my OCD tendencies. Go away hot weather!!

1 comment:

Yara said...

have no fear... I heard on the news last night we might get a few (days) of winterish weather.
But then... what do we do if it is raining? we can't go to the park?
Oh well, being socal that shouldn't last more than a few days anyway; right?