Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sleep, Prescriptions and Puzzles

That's what we have been doing, or trying to do. A few nights ago Ada was awake from 2:30am-6am. Bill had left earlier that night on a business trip, so I was alone alternating between pacing the house and sitting at the computer. She was screaming anytime I would sit or lay down with her. I spent a lot of that time also crying, wondering what to do to help her. Taking her to urgent care wasn't really an option, so I walked the house and surfed the net. The next morning, after wheezing and coughing so hard she was gagging, I took her in. Double ear infection with pus, fever, and pneumonia. No wonder she didn't want to lay down. A breathing treatment, antibiotic injection, cough syrup and tylenol later she was my happy baby again. Her regular pediatrician thinks it could also have been RSV, so I am glad we stayed home from all our playdates.

During all this time at home we have done lots of puzzles and trying to catch up on sleep. Bill will be home tomorrow and hopefully life will return to normal.


Yara said...

I hope she gets better & life gets back to normal soon.

rsv... that kind of scares me : (

Jamie said...

Glad you got her some good drugs. Nights like those are the toughest. Sweet baby. I hope she feels much better.

Sonja said...

Oh, poor thing (you and her both!). Those sick nights are just awful.