Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A few firsts

Just as spring arrived and the weather turned simply beautiful, wouldn't you know that we would be plagued with sickness. Abbie was first with a high fever, headache, Jameson followed a few days later, Adeleine got lucky and escaped with a nose that still has not stopped running, Eleanor got congested, and Bill and I got the worst of it, ironic isn't it! After waking up with a scratchy throat, I proceeded to go to gymnastics and ballet and came home with chills, headache, and bodyaches. My fever reached 103.5! It was during this time when we experienced a first. While all 5 of us (minus Bill since he was not yet home from work) were bundled on the couch watching the Sound of Music that for the first time since having 4 children they were all crying at once. I don't even remember now why, although I am sure that each one had a different reason. Within a few minutes I had everyone calm and quiet and we were back to the von Trapps. It was quite a scene, one that I hope doesn't repeat itself anytime soon.

And today...a beautiful sound was heard at our house! Eleanor laughed for the first time. All the kids were so excited. It truly is the most beautiful sound. I am so blessed to have another little voice in this house, and I can't wait to hear more from her.


Jamie said...

Ah! I love the sound of baby laughter!! How wonderful. The crying I could do without! But I suppose you can't have one without the other sometimes. I love her little sweetie smile!

Lauren S. said...

This doesn't really compare, but the other day in church, allll three kids were climbing all over me, whining, trying their very hardest to get a piece of me. Hope you're all feeling better soon!! Love the baby grin, I can only imagine the laugh that accompanies it. *swoon*

Jenna said...

Sorry you had to deal with so much sickness! That's the toughest part of motherhood for me. But the laughter makes up for it. :)