Friday, August 20, 2010

On My Toes

Oh, these little people keep me on my toes!! I feel kinda bad for saying it but, I am sure glad this week is over! We started back to school this week, and we have a new student! Yes, Jameson is joining us at the table and will be learning all about letters, numbers, history, science and reading. The new schedule that comes from this is wiping me out. The entire morning is feeding them and schooling them, then feeding them again. When lunch is over and quiet time begins Eleanor is usually waking up, so goodbye mommy time. It will all be fine as soon as I snap out of our summer fog and realize how lucky I am to be doing this with them!

As busy as our week has been, I have really enjoyed them this week, maybe even a little more than usual. We visited a really neat local park (for like an hour since it was so blazing hot!), made Nora some baby food (whenever that tooth makes an appearance, we will be ready to spoon feed her the organic goodness we all so lovingly helped make). We spent some time with Grandma too, but the most exciting is what happens tomorrow...Jameson has his first soccer game. He is all ready with cleats, shin guards, uniform and ball. I'm so excited for him! I am glad this busy week is over and ready to relax a bit with my honey.

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Toni Tralala said...

What an adorable baby! :)