Monday, October 4, 2010

Road trip to Sacramento

We had a great trip to Sacramento a few weeks ago, to visit Bill's family and see his Grandma for her birthday. The car ride up there (which had me most worried) turned out great thanks to 4 new Wee Sing cd's (I love these soo much, they remind me so much of my own childhood) and lots of snacks. We were able to walk around downtown, visit the Cathedral, tour the Capitol building and enjoy lunch on the lawn there. Our hotel was amazing, with great views. The trip was going swimmingly until Saturday night when Adeleine somehow (still unknown) got bit by Bill's uncle's dog. I am quite sure she did nothing to provoke him, so I was not too happy. A trip to urgent care the next morning confirmed that stitches were needed. After tears and promising her anything she wanted (she settled on soda-her first ever!) we dried our tears, got a balloon and hit the road. We finally arrived home at 2am, Sunday and everyone (yes, all six of us) piled in our bed and went to sleep. That short little trip messed me up for a week and am just now getting back to normal, but it was so worth all the late nights getting packed and late night driving. Sleep is overrated anyway.

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Jamie said...

SHE GOT BIT BY A DOG!? How'd I miss that? Poor baby!

That cathedral looks awesome.