Sunday, October 17, 2010


- it's 9:14pm but it feels like 11:14pm. I am tired and it's been a long week
- I have quite a few DIY home improvement projects on the brain. They're all really good ones and fun, but I can't really stop thinking about them. There will be lots of craigslist this week.
- Sundays are becoming my favorite days. Mass, Denny's, visit with the 'rents.
- Hoping to resolve some stomach issues with Jameson this week. New meds, labs and ultrasound this week.
- Excited to go apple-picking with our homeschool friends
- Officially became a school, our name.....Ash More. I love it and the meaning.
- Soccer season is over and I decided I am most definitely NOT a soccer mom. I think baseball may be my sport. Jameson on the other hand loves it!
- Thrilled to be Carly's confirmation sponsor. I'm so happy for her!!

- A new Dyson rocked my world this week. This is the second Dyson I have owned and I LOVE them!! This one is even better than my last one...James Dyson you're my hero!
- All our laundry and sheets are clean, folded and put away. It feels really good to start the week with empty hampers.
- Google reader has changed my life! All the blogs I read (there are lots) in one spot! I wish I had know about this long ago, it saves me so much time and I can get them all from my iphone too!
- Looking forward to a full week. Hopefully this cool weather will stick around, it finally feels like autumn.


Sonja said...

I officially apologize for not sharing my knowledge of google reader with you.

JennyLynn said...

I accept your apology Sonja.

Yara said...

Please tell me how to get google reader on my iphone. I've recently started google reading, too; but when I'm not on my computer I can get a list of hundreds built up, and then I just skip a bunch of stuff, and it makes me sad.
Also, OMG could your girls be any cuter in their dresses?

Yara said...

The dresses remind me of dresses my grandma made for Lisa when she was a tiny little baby... which makes me smile even more

JennyLynn said...

Yara, it's as simple as downloading the google app! Reader is included. Bill and I have a little hobby of collecting heirloom, smocked dresses. I figure I have enough girls to justify it!