Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaBloPoMo 3

This amazing quilt that resides on Adeleine's bed is one of my most precious earthly possessions. This quilt was hand sewn by my grandma when she was about 10 years old. She is currently 82, which makes this quilt a whopping 72 years old! It is in absolutely perfect condition! I have several other quilts that grandma made (as does most everyone in the family), but none are this unique or well-cared for.

That black star used to be a dress that belonged to my great-grandmother who died 65 years ago. It's totally trippy and amazing that she wore that so long ago. I obviously never met her, but I look at the squares often and wonder what else they were before they became stars. When she first gave it to me, my first reaction was to fold it and put it away. It was beautiful and special and I wanted nothing to happen to it. My grandma reminded me that "quilts were made to be used". She was right, what good would it do, to be folded in the closet. I reluctantly spread it on the girls bed, and we talked about how special this was to mommy and the family. That it was old and should be well cared for. I was so honored to be the receiver of such a wonderful piece of our family. So as I tuck my girls in, I am made aware of the love of my grandma and her mama for me and our family, and I can smile and rest knowing they are sleeping under their love as well.

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