Saturday, June 18, 2011


We are knee-deep in summer over here, and it feels so good! The days are full, long and glorious. Yesterday the kids wore their bathing suits all day, had otterpops and we ate two out of three meals outside on the patio. There was mud, mega doses of mud. They ask to go outside first thing in the morning. It's almost as if summer is beckoning them. They can't not be outside. I take up my spot at the table out there with them, my coffee, camera and reading material in hand and that's where we spend most of our day. It is as it should be.

I think the sunshine and fresh air is doing wonders for my state of mind and overall well being. After being in a slump for awhile, I am seeing the light at then end of this dark tunnel. Bill helped me discover I have pmdd. Thanks honey! This was news to be, but it all made perfect sense. I had been feeling down and if I didn't know better I would have called myself depressed. I didn't feel like it or I just convinced myself that I shouldn't be. Afterall, I had a wonderful marriage, amazing husband, healthy happy kids, enough money, a nice house. Why was I feeling this way? I did seem to feel good a lot of the time, but when I didn't I felt bad. I did a bit of research and put myself on a strict regimen of vitamins and supplements specifically for the symptoms I was experiencing, and what'da ya know...I'm feeling much better! In his efforts to help me, Bill also gave me a little "prescription" to follow. He said I needed a hobby! I had plenty. Sewing, knitting, photography and other crafty things I like to dabble in. The problem is that all those but one take lots of preparation and time, something I don't have too much of. So he asked me to work more on photography. It is easier to do while taking care of 4 little kids, so he says! (If you don't include all the hours organizing, editing and uploading photos!) All of the time consuming steps can be done easier while kids are sleeping. So I told him as part of my "therapy" I would. I took a photoshop editing class and learned so much. Next up is more hard core photography and composition class. I am LOVING it! I always enjoyed it as a hobby, but now I am learning more and spending more time focused on it , I am so glad he made me do this. I am focused on becoming the best I can be so that I can photograph my families memories.

The days will continue to be full with more camping trips planned for next month, recitals, DIY kitchen facelift, even more popsicles and bathing suit days and swim lessons. I say bring it on!

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