Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good news and bad news

1. The air conditioner in the van is fixed, and it cost us $0.00. I guess sometimes it pays to have a Kia with a 60,000k mile warranty on everything! I am running errands today just so I can enjoy cold air again!

2. I do not like earthquakes...never have and never will, unlike my husband who thinks they are "fun." The 5.4 the rocked us yesterday has me wondering if every big truck that drives down our street is the rumble of another quake. I screamed yesterday when it started and scared the kids, so I think I have damaged them forever. My neighbor even came over to make sure we were ok because they heard me. I was quite embarassed :(

3. My sister is leaving in 6 days for North Carolina :( I am so sad that I don't even want to discuss it or think about it. My entire family is going to be so sad. I will be going with Adeleine out there and flying home with my parents to help move her in. The kids will miss her terribly, so will Bill. I almost can't quite comprehend her not being here.

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Kimberly said...

1. Good thing the air conditioning is fixed! Driving in a hot car with three kids sounds awful.

2. I'm cracking up at the screaming. Only because I would do the exact same thing. I've never been in an earthquake but I imagine it would absolutely freak me out.

3. I'M sad Carly is leaving and I'm hardly ever there! It's nice that you are able to go help her move in and see where she will be. That will probably help quite a bit.