Friday, July 11, 2008

Thumb Suckers & Alters

My little Adeleine has found her thumb. I know the comfort she is feeling after being a thumb sucker for 13 years! I have mixed feeling about her choosing this way to self-soothe, but I don't think there is much that I can do about it. It does make my life a little easier :)

Keeping me busy these days has been planning our family alter after reading this. It has taken a lot of work, but has been a neat little project for Bill and I. It will be a very special place when we are done. Abbie was kneeling in front of the crucifix this morning praying and talking about how today is Friday and we are sad because Jesus died on Friday. I am so glad that she now has a place to do this so reverently. I am stoaked to go to church Sunday, after attending a different church on Sunday with Bill's family, I realized this week that I felt like I was missing something and I wanted to go to mass. I realized that it was because it has been almost 2 weeks since we had been to Guasti. I never realized that going to mass and receiving communion was such a big part of my life...only 2 more days!

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