Thursday, July 3, 2008


Adeleine and Jameson are sleeping and Abigail is playing quietly in her room. I feel like I can finally take a deep breath and be alone with my thoughts. I was able to take a shower (something that hadn't been done in 2 days) and answer a few emails that I was neglecting.

This time I have had to think was mostly spent pondering my parenting and discipline style. In my homeschool/AP playgroup a discussion got pretty heated and some feelings were hurt. Someone is leaving and I really enjoyed her company and AWESOME childbirth advice (she is a Bradley instructor). I will be sad to not see her as often :( I have learned that how I choose to parent and discipline my children is ok. It wasn't what some would do, or what they wanted to hear, but it is working for us. Our own childhood and relationship with our parents spills over into our adulthood and influences how we are with our own kids (be it a good or bad thing.) Fortunately, my parents were/are great! I love them both dearly and have nothing but great memories and experiences thanks to them. I want to create that with my kids. My parents did not give me whatever I wanted at all. I learned that things were not important, people and relationships are. I hope that I can teach my kids like my parents did me and my siblings.

I am going to go look through the catechism, I have a few questions rolling around in my head.

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