Friday, July 24, 2009

Prayers Coveted

I received news today at my ultrasound that I have complete placenta previa. I was pretty devastated, even though I know that it is likely to move and make another homebirth a possibility. The 10% chance that it won't, and that I will be scheduling a c-section is very frightening. The baby looked fine (still waiting official word from the radiologist though) so that is the most important news I could have heard. I should have listened to my husband when he told me not to read about it on the internet though, I am really scared now! I will have another u/s at 28 weeks, so for a few more months I get to sit and wonder what my placenta is doing. Great :( So please pray that my uterus gets nice and large and that placenta moves out of the way, making a vaginal birth a possibility again.


Jamie said...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny...
Oh I completely understand your fears...
Natalie seemed to lie sideways for so long. I think it was 34 weeks before she was head down. I was really concerned she would never turn and I experienced the scary thoughts you are now feeling.
Keep focusing on the 90%.
You have statistics in your favor. Right in your 6th month as you start to get nice and big your placenta will move up.
That is my prayer.

Lauren S. said...

Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.

You will be in my prayers everyday my friend.

May Holy St. Anne, pray to God for you!

Yara said...

praying for you
God is in control.....

you have absolutely nothing to worry about Jenny
(except keeping yourself and that precious baby healthy)