Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So I will do a quick re-cap of our summer.

-Adeleine turned one!
-Carly turned 19!
-got a pot-bellied pig
-found out I am pregnant
-got rid of pot-bellied pig
-felt very sick and tired and did nothing for the rest of the month

-Abigail turned 5!
-7 year wedding anniversary
-Camping for Abbie's birthday
-ballet recital

-Independence day
-finished Abbie's floor
-lost the chihuahua (sad, but yea!)
-thought we were having twins
-pretty sure I am just having one baby

Oops, I just realized that I can't add any pictures since, they are all still on the memory card, all 1000 of them, maybe tomorrow!


Therese said...

What happened to the chiwawa? (I have no patience to look up how to spell that right now!)

JennyLynn said...

She ran away, she must have known she wasn't wanted anymore.