Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24

Quick re-cap of the week:

-We started off rocky when Eleanor got a few shots Monday. I always feel sick about it. I don't feel any option I have is good enough and our selective/delayed schedule is barely good enough for Bill, our pediatrician and myself. I felt lousy and guilty, even though she did great.-I finally finished Adeleine's waldorf doll. It was intended to be a birthday present, but better late than never, right? She won't name her, which kinda bothers me. If she doesn't pick one soon, Abbie will do it for her. So far we have "Sparkle", "Diamond", and "Jason Jack", all curtesy of Abbie. I was very glad to fininsh it. I plan to make Abbie one for Christmas. Then everyone will have their own, and maybe we can get rid of the cheap plastic dolls made in China. Now I can move along to some Christmas knitting too!

-Miss Nora Jane has been spending some time in the highchair while I'm in the kitchen. No food for her yet, but she enjoys the commotion that we call dinnertime. She's really starting to feel like part of the family.

-Dinner with the family tonight was a trip "up the hill" as my Grandma would say, to our local mountains for dinner. The food wasn't great, the restaurant was super outdated and smelled funny, but the animal heads on the wall made up for it. Bison, deer, moose, elk and a "cantaloupe". Jameson was talking about antelope but kept saying cantaloupe and we all had to hold back the laughs. I have learned to enjoy the precious, fleeting moments when Carly is home. It doesn't really matter where we spend them...even stinky restaurants!

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Kimberly said...

I swear vaccines are the hardest decision to make as a parent. It's scary not to vaccinate and it is scary when you do. Our kids just got their first shot last month and are due to go in for their second. It freaks me out and makes me feel a little better all at once. The system is still flawed. As for the doll, I am SUPER impressed! She turned out wonderful and definitely deserves a name soon : ). Nora Jane is such a cute name! I thought you were calling her Elle, but Nora is equally as adorable! And finally, hooray for sister time! Kelly is coming to see me in a month and I can not wait! It doesn't matter what the time is spent doing, it's that it was spent together. There is nothing like sisters! Cousins are good, too, though, and I am really looking forward to living closer to mine!