Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Pen

The week is flying by, and for that I am grateful! It's been a good, full week. We finally have a wonderful, AP family supporting doctor for the kids. After months of searching and asking around, he was right under my nose. The husband of a good friend of mine. I just didn't even realize he had a family practice. I am so excited to have a doctor who homeschools and doesn't vaccinate his own kids, what a blessing he is to our medical community!

Baseball is keeping Jameson busy. He love, love, loves baseball practice. I don't love trekking out to the field with 4 little ones, keeping them happy for an hour and trekking back, but seeing him so excited and eager makes it worth it. We have our first game Saturday. I am excited about the snack bar and bleachers, two things that soccer didn't provide. Bill and I are hoping that he likes baseball better, besides, baseball uniforms are so much cuter!

After last months bee sting reaction, we have to carry an epi-pen for Jameson. Even though his sting was on his leg, his was reaction was severe enough to necessitate an epi-pen. If he had been stung closer to his head, it wouldn't have been good. I've learned that bee sting reactions are more severe each time you are stung, and can happen in half the amount of time...pretty scary! We were told to administer it right after the sting, even if he doesn't appear to be having a reaction. The fact that there is a hive in our neighbors tree (which extends into our yard) makes me very nervous. I am hoping we never have to use it, but I do feel better having it. I need to show him and Bill how to use it, although I'm pretty sure Bill wouldn't be able to do it due to his trypanophobia.

We've been trucking right along in school. A few weeks ago I planned out the rest of the year. Mostly, so I would know when we are done. It helps you to keep going if you know you'll be out of your misery soon, right? Not that I'm comparing homeschooling to misery or anything ;) We should be done the last week in May. So excited! I have really enjoyed this year, but I will enjoy our summer more!

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