Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm back

(I really intend to blog most days, but it just never quite makes it to the top of my to-do list. I think I am afraid of not doing it "right", I couldn't even explain what "right" is, but I am going to blog anyway, I'm forgetting too many things I want to remember.)

Eleanor's cast came off last week!! It even came off a day early due to an abscess on her little toe, yuck! I had hoped that as soon as the cast came off, her walking would resume like normal. That is not so. She continues to walk just as she did with that horrid thing on, on her toes with her leg slightly out to the side. Everyone assures me that it will just take some time and she will walk normally, I'm not so convinced. I'm anxious about her Dr appointment tomorrow so I can get his advice.

Jameson is obsessed with flying. He asks me daily if he can sprinkle salt on his head to help him fly. I suppose they have seen Peter Pan a few times. He is quite serious when he says it, and think I just might let him try it one of these days. He won't believe me when I tell him it *probably* won't work anyway.

Funny Abbie moment...while folding clothes the other day she asks me"Mommy, why are all my things made in China??" I chuckled inside and then proceeded to fell slightly crappy. We talked about why, I gave her the 6 year old version.

Ada is sweet as sweet can be. She spends a lot of her day with me, she makes me laugh.
Just a normal Monday here. School lessons, lunch, quiet time, dancing and playing outside.

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Lauren S. said...


so is the six year old version less cynical than the 30 year old version? lol!