Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today I found Happiness...

- in spending time in the violin makers shop, getting my growing girl a new, bigger violin (she's already practiced 3 times today!)

- in dinner with my mom and the kids.

- in picking the brain of my new friend Kris who has 15 kids, ages 25 to almost 2. I left feeling happy, grateful, and relieved.

- in watching Jameson jump around again! He got another bee sting which kept him pretty quiet for a few day.

- in Eleanor wearing her first of many pairs of Salt Water Sandals.


Jamie said...

Wow 15 kids! God has surely sent her your way for some encouragement!

Good for you for finding happiness today.

Lauren S. said...

happy for you! :)ooohing and ahhing at all those violins.